Ventana Core Values

The essence of our Reggio-Inspired school, our school mission, and of our Episcopal identity, with its centuries of commitment to inclusion and to education, is here expanded in seven core values that further define our community and guide our weekly Wondering Time program. 

1. Human-Centered Development
We value the evolution of human nature in all its varied aspects. Ventana’s community of children, parents, and teachers are considered co-investigators in a life-long process of learning. Both curriculum and pedagogy focus on social-emotional development, age-appropriate and differentiated learning, intrinsic motivation, concentrated reflection and considered thought, and deep sensitivity to cultural and spiritual diversity.

2. Community
We value community. The Ventana School community is comprised of willing and loyal participants who share common understandings about their responsibility to the individuals and groups that comprise our community. Community members collaborate in an inclusive, safe, respectful, and caring manner that promotes shared pedagogical relationships, social events, volunteerism/service, and project work that benefits the immediate community as well as the extended community and beyond.  

3. Relationship
We value relationships. We consider each moment as an opportunity to connect with one another. Through individual interactions, partnerships, group collaborations as colleagues, and with regular community events we build a sense of belonging and acceptance where every person experiences the feeling of being highly regarded by others. Our school climate of mutual respect and kindness is governed by investment in relationships between and among children, parents, teachers, administrators, the church, and the surrounding community. Further, in our teaching and learning, we invest in constructing relationships between ideas, concepts, skills, and discoveries. 

4. Communication
We value communication. Dissemination of clear, concise, and relevant information through multiple pathways provides the Ventana community with factual data for decision making. Through active, respectful, and empathetic listening, collegial reciprocity between and among all members of the Ventana community is expressed. Information exchange represents all the voices in the community and is critical to the maintenance of transparency. 

5. Culture of Learning
We value a culture of learning. Scholarship - the love of learning – is the heart of our mission. Though pursuit of the fundamental competencies of perseverance, goal setting and a growth mindset, effective communication, perspective taking, construction of meaning, risk taking and resilience, and metacognitive reflection, we affirm an abiding approach to experiencing our increasingly complex world.

6. Well Being
We value well-being for ourselves and for our community. The health, safety, and stability of the entire community figures in every decision and prioritizes every action. Engaging the body with healthy food, the mind with knowledge and ideas, and the spirit with understanding and compassion provides the balanced conditions that stimulate self confidence, self-esteem, respect for each other, and acceptance of differences. At Ventana we eschew materialism, venerate the natural world, and emphasize human welfare as the bridge to happiness.

7. Stewardship
We value stewardship. By taking pride in our ability to make a difference in our classrooms, on our campus, in our homes, and in our world we become global citizens. We know that the transmission of stewardship is inherent in multi-age interaction, and that by taking care of our environments we become agents of change and guardians of the future. Through our service as global citizens we promote democracy, agency, empowerment, and a wider world view where seeing beyond the self becomes natural and routine.



Learning for a Lifetime

Expected School-Wide Learning Results for Students are:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Creativity and ability to think flexibly and “out of the box”
  • Ability to engage with questions and communicate reflections
  • Responsibility for constructing one’s own knowledge
  • Appreciation of community and ability to work well in groups
  • Self-confidence and ability to collaborate
  • Social emotional growth, including empathy and conflict resolution
  • Self-expression skills
  • Intrinsic motivation