Ventana School is led by a collaborative Leadership Team.  

We believe that children learn by observing and analyzing the world around them. As such, we have created a system of school governance that models the values and behaviors we wish to encourage in children. Our school is led by a collaborative Leadership Team with decades of educational experience.

Decisions made in isolation often fail to recognize the diversity of thought and experience in a community. Through our collaborative leadership model, we are able to listen to multiple views and make decisions that take into account varied needs and perspectives.

We ask our children to work collaboratively, to practice adding to other’s ideas, and to come to consensus whenever possible. Ventana’s Leadership Team communicates and collaborates daily to ensure that we are able to assess the needs of students, families, staff, and community.

Karen Gordon - Director of Communications

Elizabeth Ceaser - Director of Early Childhood Education

Harfijah Oliver - Director of Curriculum

Amanda Stewart - Director of Instruction