Elementary: Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Small class sizes (18-20) with low student to teacher ratio


  • Reggio-inspired program encourages expression through the 100 Languages. Our students demonstrate their learning through discussion, writing, movement, construction, design, and the visual and performing arts.

  • On-staff specialists lead Art, Music, PE, Science, Spanish, Literacy and Math programs


  • Inquiry-based investigations emerge from students’ interests and experiences

  • “Big Questions” create opportunities for deep investigation and cross-curricular learning


  • A focus on dialogue and listening nurture communication and collaboration skills

  • Strong school and classroom communities value kindness, empathy, and inclusivity

Inquiry-Based Project Work

Inquiry is a driving force behind the Reggio Approach. In line with our school values, we focus on the process of inquiry rather than a tangible product. At Ventana, students engage in project work; deep dives into ideas or topics that ignite wonder.

These projects emerge as teachers analyze and document students’ interests.

Our “emergent curriculum” is kindled by students’ curiosity but cultivated by teachers. We refer to this as “student led, teacher framed.” At the elementary level, teachers artfully navigate the space between students’ interests and students’ academic and social-emotional needs. Ventana teachers have a thorough understanding of the skills and concepts that are developmentally appropriate for their students. Through a combination of direct instruction and guided inquiry, teachers ensure that students feel creative confidence while simultaneously gaining the skills they need to further their education.

Arts-Infused Curriculum

At Ventana, elementary teachers use the Arts, in addition to speaking and writing, as tools for investigation, reflection, instruction, and discussion. Arts integration is a key aspect of the Reggio Emilia approach as it lets children communicate using multiple media; deepening their understanding and gaining new insights.

PRESCHOOL and ELEMENTARY space in some classes remains available for 2017-18 school year. Call 650-948-2121 or go to ADMISSIONS to apply.