Ventana’s preschool reflects our belief that children learn naturally through play, observation and investigation. We value each child as an individual and competent learner, full of ideas and eager to learn. Our teachers intentionally create open ended, exploratory invitations to support inquiry and curiosity. Lunch conversations with the 2 year olds includes talking about things they have in their lunch boxes. One week there was a lot of interest in the oranges that many of them had. In order to deepen their interest, we had an invitation of different kinds of citrus. The children had a connection with this invitation and they had an opportunity to use their senses to deepen their understanding. A big part of this exploration was the rich conversation with a lot of descriptive language about shapes, textures, flavors and colors. Observing what the children do and then supporting them to gain a deeper understanding is a central part of our practice. 

Our social problem-solving approach supports children as they learn how to become effective negotiators among their peers and with adults. The teachers in the 3's class noticed that there was some crowding and pushing in the sink area when it was time to wash hands. The teachers brought this up at meeting time and brainstormed on what they could do together to solve this problem. The children had different ideas and finally it was decided that they should put strips of tape on the floor and they would stand on these as they waited. The next question was how far apart should these strips of tape be. Rulers were brought out, measurements were taken and the floor was taped. The children solved a problem and as they did they shared their ideas confidently, they used pre-math skills in ways that were meaningful to them and they also worked on their self-regulation skills (having to wait for a turn).

Teachers pay close attention to children’s interests and use the classroom as a “third teacher” to engage and provoke thinking, curiosity, and imagination. Math, science, music, art and literacy are all integrated into our open-ended daily invitations, routines and project work. The teachers observed that children were building bridges in the block area everyday. They looked different each day and the children talked about stability, balance and ways in which they could get on the bridge. We brought this to our meeting time and started with what the children knew about bridges and from that conversation we embarked on a 3 month journey of learning about bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge became the focus and woven into this study was literacy, math, art, science and a field trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. The process was framed and supported by the teachers but was guided by the children's interest. The parents were partners in this process.


  • Age two by September 1, 2019

  • Two, three, and five-day schedule options are available

  • 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Lunch at school 12:00 PM)

  • Small class size of up to 11 students per room with 2 teachers

  • Children in diapers are welcome

  • Extended Day program and Enrichment Classes are available once the children turn 3

Three's and Four's

  • Age three by September 1, 2019

  • Two, three, and five-day schedule options are available

  • 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Lunch at school 12:00 PM)

  • Small class size of up to 16 students per room with 2 teachers

  • Toilet learning desired but not expected

  • Extended Day program and Enrichment Classes offered after school until 6 PM, as needed