As students move into the upper grades, parents are mentored through the middle school application process. In 4th & 5th grades, we hold parent meetings about middle school options, including a special presentation and Q & A event with several private middle school directors. In addition, our Director of Curriculum is available to meet individually with families to talk about their student's learning style and recommendations for middle school options.

Quotes from our Alumni Parents

"We had an excellent experience at Ventana. We feel so lucky to have found this school which truly lives up to their mission. Our child learned and grew there and developed strong academic and interpersonal skills that have prepared her for a successful middle school experience. Their approach to learning allow the children to help guide and take part in the curriculum and learning opportunities. The teachers are thoughtful and sensitive to the individual needs of the children and knowing how to support the social emotional of the child is a critical piece. The teachers were able to support and guide the whole child in all areas of their development. I can't recommend this school enough and I wish more of our schools would adopt this healthy, 21st century approach to elementary education."

“The small class size enabled her to learn and grow in ways that worked for her. Socially, she had a sweet group of friends, and academically she did wonderfully well on her ISEE test for middle school admissions and got into her top choice schools. Now a 6th grader at a much larger school, she's taken to it like a fish to water. Ventana laid a strong foundation for her in all ways!”

"These teachers truly understand how to build skills, develop projects and allow for rich and deep learning!"

“Ventana teachers are highly qualified, and dedicated to making each day valuable. The small class sizes and student driven discussions promote engagement and enhances the curriculum. Finally! A school with an approach to teaching that encourages creativity, teamwork, and emotional awareness. The attention each child receives at Ventana is unparalleled, and I couldn't imagine sending my children anywhere else in the Bay Area.”

Schools our graduates attend include: