Extended Care

Ventana School offers early care and after care from 8 AM to 6 PM, for children 3 years (Sun Room) and up, on the days when school is in session.

Early Care:   

Preschoolers can be dropped off starting at 8.00 AM on the preschool playground for early care. This is provided free of charge. The early care teachers will walk the children down to their respective classrooms. We would like to emphasize the importance of joining your child for their morning meeting song at 9:00 AM in their classroom each morning. Not only is it a wonderful way to transition your child to their school day, it is also a meaningful way to support community building among parents. Although brief, the conversations between parents and teachers as children wash their hands and prepare for the morning meetings are invaluable in strengthening those relationships. Early Care is intended to support those parents who drop off Ventana elementary children at 8:30 AM, as well as parents who may have occasional early meetings or appointments. 

Elementary students have the option to sign up for Zero Period Spanish that is offered on T/Th for students in grades K-2 and M/W/F for students in grades 3-5. This class is offered free of charge.  The timings are 8 AM to 8.30 AM in the Shire’s Library.

After Care:

Preschool - The program includes enrichment experiences, free exploration in the classroom and outside play time.  Enrichment is offered by the extended care staff. Examples of the optional enrichment experiences are: Modern and Cultural Dance, Cooking, Spanish, Experimenting with Science, and Fun with Gardening. For those children not interested in the enrichment activities, alternate play activities will be made available.

Overview of the program:

  • Children are picked up from their respective classrooms at 12.35 PM and spend some time on the playground before they are escorted up to the rest area for a nap or rest time at 1 PM

  • Enrichment classes are from 2.00 - 2.45 PM

  • Snack is served at 2.50 PM

  • Open Exploration/Outside play time 3.00 PM till pick up

Elementary - Students have the option to either sign up for Enrichment Classes or go to extended care. They also have the option of going to extended care when they are done with Enrichment. Some of the Enrichment offerings include Chess, Coding, Choir and more. There is an additional fee for Enrichment Classes. Each session usually lasts about 8 to 12 weeks. Sign-up and fee information will be sent to parents at the appropriate time of each session. The information will also be available on the Extended Care page on the Parent Portal.   

Overview of the program:

  • Students are escorted or go to the Extended Care Room at 3.05 PM

  • Snack is served at 3.05 PM

  • Pick up for Enrichment students is at 4.30 PM

  • Remaining students will have Open Exploration/Outside Play Time from 4.30 PM until pick up

No classes on Minimum Days and Professional Development Days.

Extended Care Prices

Extended Care is offered until 6PM for children ages 3 (Sun Room) and up and is charged at an hourly rate of $12. Students who are in extended care for more than 40 hours a month, will get a discounted rate of $10 per hour. The parents will receive an invoice each month with the extended care charges incurred for that month. A late pick-up fee of $1 per minute is incurred for any pickups after 6 PM.

Signing-up for Extended Care

The school office has to be notified if your child requires Extended Care. You can either call the school office at 650-948-2121 or email at office@ventanaschool.org to sign up. We request that you give us advance notice and give us an estimated pick up time. If you are requesting care on the day that you require it, we ask that the request be made before 12.00 PM for preschoolers and 2.00 PM for elementary students. This gives the teachers an opportunity to inform the child/children in order to make the transition easier and support organization for the extended care attendance process. For late notifications, an extra charge of $15 will be added to the first hour’s rate.