Elementary: Kindergarten to 5th Grade

  • Small class sizes (18-20) with low student-to-teacher ratio

  • Regular School Hours are from 8:30 AM to 3 PM

We believe that all children are capable learners; our role as educators is to create an environment where they flourish. We give children a strong academic foundation by engaging them in authentic learning experiences.

We provide daily opportunities for our students to express their creativity, engage their curiosity, and connect with others.

Children express themselves not just verbally but in a multitude of ways, what Reggio educators call the “100 languages of children." This boundless creativity is also a means to deeper understanding. So our students demonstrate their learning through discussion, writing, movement, construction, design, and the visual and performing arts.

We have a full suite of specialists in Art, Music, PE, and STEM, all of whom use their disciplines as tools for investigation, reflection, and discussion.

Inquiry is a driving force behind the Reggio approach. We utilize an “emergent curriculum,” with long-term projects that develop from our students’ interests. Our teachers begin the year with one or more “Big Questions” to start discussion, then follow the children’s lead, a process we refer to as “student-led, teacher-framed.”

Critically, our teachers weave core subject matter into these deep-dive inquiries, which deepens understanding by putting academic skills into context and helps students make connections between subjects. They also supplement projects with direct instruction, ensuring that students feel creative confidence while gaining the skills they need.

Another crucial component of our curriculum is our safe and nurturing learning environment. We strongly emphasize kindness, empathy, and inclusivity. And we help our students develop their communication and collaboration skills by giving them plenty of practice in dialogue and listening.