Upcoming Event Open to the Community: Holiday Pajama Party & Theater Show, Dec. 8th at 4PM (Parish Hall) Tickets can be purchased here.

Education Connection Series

Education Connection events provide opportunities for parents, educators and members of the community to come together and learn more about topics/issues that are of interest to us as a school and to the wider community.

Coffee and Conversation (monthly)

Ventana’s Parent Association (VePA) and Ventana’s Leadership Team host coffee and an opportunity to engage in informal conversation around school happenings and current topics of interest.  This is a great time to enjoy that second cup of coffee in the company of other parents, to chat with school staff and administrators, and to ask questions regarding parenting or the Reggio philosophy.

Friday Brown Bag Lunch (monthly)

Parents of preschoolers and elementary students are invited to gather for lunch and conversation. Teachers, administrators, and Rev. Claire are often in attendance at these monthly events.  Babies and toddlers are always welcome! Bring a brown bag lunch or order an adult-portioned lunch through our hot lunch service, My Green Lunch.

Buddy Families

Allowing new families and children the opportunity to acquaint themselves with "veteran" families is a focus of our community building outreach. We pair a current family to each new family to help ease the period of adjustment to a new school.