Our Ventana School Calendar on the right side bar provides a current list of School and Church events and activities that are intended to Build Community. 

Education Connection - formerly The Third Place - will continue this year. These monthly events provide the Ventana Community of parents and students with a variety of options for learning around the operation and mission of our school. These Thursday evening sessions are open to all Ventana parents, to any local educators, as well as Christ Church parishioners, and any interested community members. Education Connection offerings often appeal directly to families, so children are welcome to attend. The complete list of 2017-18 session descriptions with dates and times is being developed. Please return often for further information.

Coffee and Conversation - The second Friday morning of every month, VePA and the Head of School host a coffee service and an opportunity to engage in informal conversation around school operations, policy, or current topics of interest.  The coffee service, usually set out in the Fireside Room, begins at 8:30 AM after elementary drop off and continues through 10:15 AM so that preschool parents (and toddlers or infants) can join in after 9:00 AM drop off. This is a great time to enjoy that second cup of coffee in the company of other parents, to chat with school staff and administrators, and to ask questions regarding parenting or the Reggio philosophy. 

Monthly Book Club - We are thrilled to announce the initiation of a monthly book club hosted by Christ Church Rector, Rev. Claire Ranna. These meetings occur the first Tuesday of each month and convene at 8:45 AM in the Fireside Room.  Rev. Ranna's Book Club series is called Meditations on Meaning. The first meeting, September 5th, will discuss the work The Spiritual Child by Lisa Miller. This discussion group welcomes members of all faiths and the entire Ventana community; parents and parishioners. A full list of books to be discussed is being developed.  Please return often for additional information.

Friday Brown Bag Lunch - The third Friday of every month has been designated Brown Bag Lunch time. Convivial conversation begins at 11:30 AM in the Parish Hall. Preschool parents are more than welcome to join the group as this lunch activity is scheduled conveniently just before preschool pick up. Elementary parents are also welcome to join teachers, administrators, and Rev. Ranna who are often in attendance. Babies and toddlers are always welcome! Drinks are usually provided, and a brought-from-home lunch is perfect. And adult-portioned lunch can also be ordered through My Green Lunch. Don't miss this no frills way to get acquainted with the Ventana Community.

Buddy Families & Buddy Classes - Permitting new families and children the opportunity to acquaint themselves with "veteran" families is a focus of our community building outreach. To that end, our office staff has assigned a current family to each new family with the expectation that this type of acquaintance will ease the period of adjustment to a new school. 

Also, permitting older children to share their knowledge and expertise with younger children is the aim of our "Buddy Classes" program.  Our Social/Emotional Learning teacher has organized our elementary grades into compatible classes of students.  Many times during the year these "Buddies" eat lunch together, share projects, presentations, and activities, and engage in play with each other. In this way our students grow comfortable with each other and improve communication, creativity, and confidence.

Class lists - In order to allow parents to acquaint themselves and their children with new families and children, or to re-acquaint with familiar families and friends, our school publishes in early July class lists of children with parent emails so connection family-to-family can easily be made. Look for this list in your email inbox as enrollment settles and the new year is being planned.

Room Parent Integration - Integral to our preschool and elementary programs is the bringing together parents in each classroom to assist with classroom events and field trips. The Ventana Parent Association (VePA) has a designated Room Parent Coordinator who will be reaching out to members of each classroom as the school year gets under way. Our Room Parent coordinator will schedule a meeting of all room parents during which she will describe the roles and responsibilities of becoming a room parent. Watch for this invitation after Back to School Night.