Your Move! Spring Auction

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We would like to take this moment to give a huge and grateful Thank You to all our donors, volunteers and supporters!  This auction would not have been possible without them.  We give heartfelt thanks to our Ventana families, teachers, staff,  board and church members for contributing to this year’s auction, Your Move!. Their gift of time, special talents and donations have been invaluable and deeply appreciated! The commitment and dedication from our Ventana community is what makes our school so special! 

Please find here the list of all the businesses that generously donated to us, please consider them for your future needs and feel free to thank them in person next time you patron them. Forgive us if we have omitted anyone or any business. 


Maria Sharp, Layla Holveck, Catherine Little, Justine Keefer, Riina Luik, Erin Sobota, Andrea Campanella, Tina Morley, Esha Tiwari, Sylvia Yuan, Michelle Ruiz, Isabella Hill, Crystal Chen, Jackie Tsao, Elizabeth Richardson, Valerie Stroke, Tania O'Connell, Tania Herrera, Rayna A., Chiao Ling Au, Yesi Guizar, Shobha Solomon, Evita Twerdahl, Anupma Rathore, Nicole Smith, Melissa Tonisson, Donna Napoli, Mary Scherer, Miha Matei, Saima B. Yusuf, Linda W., Heather Malin, Karen Gordon, Elizabeth Caesar, Wendy Bautista, Annette Munkeby, Rick Murphy, Chiyako Kaneda, Annie Lee, Ariande Malfabon, Linda Williams


    Fund A Need

    Multi Purpose Room

    This year's auction Fund A Need proceeds will go towards our chapel conversion project into a multi-purpose "pull-out" room. This will allow the school to use the room for different activities such as Wondering Time, music and choir practice during school time.

    The plan consists of removing the existing pews and replacing them with stackable "pew chairs", redoing the floor, repainting, building cabinetry for Ventana's musical instruments, and additional lighting.

    For those of you who missed the auction, please consider participating to our Fund a Need here.