As is usual for most independent schools, Ventana’s expenses typically exceed our tuition income.  In order to bridge that gap, Ventana relies on philanthropy - the generous hearts of our families and community.  The Board of Trustees oversees the school’s budget and annually determines the gap amount between current tuition revenue and the budget. For 2016-17, this gap is $2500 per elementary child.  We ask that each family participate in the Annual Giving Campaign by considering their circumstances and giving to their capacity.  All gifts are important to the success of the campaign and the future of our school.  

It is critical that we achieve 100% participation.  When other institutions consider Ventana for pilot programs or grants, the percentage of families participating in our annual fund serves as a proxy for satisfaction and support.  It signals that our parents value and believe in the teachers and programs of Ventana School.  It teaches our children about going above and beyond what is just “required” when one truly believes in something. We understand that finances and capacity for giving are very different for each family. But it is important that we sustain a “culture of giving” and that 100% of our families pledge an amount that is meaningful to them!  

Ventana’s incredible student:teacher ratio - one of the lowest in the area - means that your child’s teachers really know your child and the best way to teach him or her.  It means that students have the opportunity to delve deeper and to create more, to develop the social-emotional learning skills so critical for their happiness and success in life, and to learn how to collaborate with both peers and adults. The ratio also means that a whopping 83% of our operating expenses go towards salaries and benefits for our teachers and staff.  Our tuition is 34% lower than the average independent school across the Peninsula.  To maintain the student:teacher ratio that is a vital element of our Ventana program, while hiring and retaining the very best teachers in the Bay Area, we need your participation in our Annual Giving Campaign.

Please consider making a donation at your earliest convenience. We are pleased to announce that we have already obtained 100% participation from our Board of Trustees, and would love to add your family to the list at whatever level you feel comfortable. And don’t forget to check if your employer matches funds - you can double or even triple your impact!

Come together and grow with us...


Click here to read the Annual Giving Letter.

Our Ventana Values translate nicely to the following levels of giving. Which of these speaks to you, your family, and your love for our school?

o    Participant: $100 - $499
o    Developer: $500 - $999
o    Relationship Builder: $1,000 -  $2,499
o    Collaborator: $2,500 -  $4,999
o    Communicator: $5,000- $9,999
o    Steward: $10,000 – or more

Contact Us

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions or email us at for any inquiries. Feel free to also reach out to any of the Annual Giving Campaign committee members: Evita Twerdahl, Jeremy Anderson, Catriona Cairns.  

Ventana School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to Ventana are fully tax deductible.